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The overlay tool

The Nimbo editor features a tool that allows you to convert almost any of your content blocks into an overlay (a content box that appears in front of the main page content). These are often used for things like newsletter subscriptions, holiday messages, and promoting special offers. 

Whenever you hover over (or touch) a content block, you'll see an orange cog icon () that appears in the top left of the block. Click this to access the background options for that block. By default, the overlay is inactive - when you toggle it on, additional options will appear to control when and how often the overlay appears. 

When you choose to "Only show the overlay once for each visitor", a cookie will be set in the visitor's browser for the length of time you've chosen. Once that time has passed, the overlay will appear for them again on their next visit, and a new cookie will be set.

Once you've set a content block to be an overlay, it will continue to show in the editor (so you can keep editing it), but will be hidden from the main page content in the live site, except when it appears as an overlay.


  • To create an overlay that appears on every page of your website, set it up on the site-wide page base
  • Only one overlay will activate on any given page
  • Save your page after making changes to see updates in the live website.