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The formatting toolbar

After you've added some content blocks to your page, you can start to edit them to suit your needs.

Clicking inside any block will make two floating toolbars appear, which allow you to control the blocks and their contents. The one which floats at the top of the edit screen is the formatting toolbar.

formatting toolbar

When you drop a block on your page, by default it will have some basic formatting applied which matches your site design. Using the formatting toolbar, you can override these settings manually to change headings, colours, add links and icons, and so on.

Most of the buttons apply to any text you have selected. From left to right, the toolbar options are as follows:

Once you've got your content just right, you might want to duplicate it or move it around the page - and you can do just that using the block toolbar.


  • To close any options box opened by the toolbar, click in the space outside of it.
  • Hover your mouse cursor over any toolbar button to see a tooltip label.