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Add your address to a map

You can easily add interactive maps to your pages with content blocks - but of course you'll want to set it to use your own address. Here's how: 

  1. Go to Google Maps and visit the address you want to use 
  2. Find the "share" icon (usually in the sidebar), and click to open the "Share" panel
  3. Choose "Embed a map" option
  4. Click the blue "COPY HTML" link
  5. In Nimbo, go to edit the page you want to add a map to. At the top of the content blocks menu (on the right of the edit screen), choose "Blocks containing > Maps"
  6. Decide which layout variation you want to use, and drag that content block to where you want it to display on your page
  7. Hover over (or tap) the map, and click the blue "Edit link" button that appears on the top right of the map
  8. A panel will appear - remove the text that is there already, and paste your own map code
  9. Click OK, then save your page to keep the changes.