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URLs of uploaded files

Sometimes it's necessary to get the specific address (also called URL, or link) of a file you've uploaded to your website's file library - be it an image, PDF, or some other kind of document. The following steps will walk you through how to get that address:

  1. Go to edit any standard page in the editor.
  2. Click somewhere in the editable page content to bring up the formatting toolbar.
  3. Click the "link" icon (5th from the right).
  4. In the panel that appears, click the link icon to the far right of the "LINK" field.
  5. In the next panel, find your file (or upload it using the top area) and click on the file name. This will select the file and automatically close the large panel.
  6. Back in the small panel, copy the text that is now in the LINK textbox (it will start with and finish with an extension like .jpg or .pdf) - this is the URL of your file. Once you've copied it, you can close/cancel the link panel, and safely leave the editor.