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ShipStation is a shipping platform that allows you to manage all your small parcel shipping needs in one place. To start using it, you'll need to get your personalised connection details from Nimbo and add them at ShipStation.

  1. Log in to your ShipStation account and go to Account Settings.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, click Selling Channels > Store Setup.
  3. Click + Connect a Store or Marketplace.
  4. Choose the Custom Store option.
  5. Enter the requested info into the form - to find your personalised connection details in Nimbo, go to Settings > 3rd Party apps > ShipStation. You can leave the status fields unchanged.
  6. Test your connection using the "Test Connection" button. If all is well, you can click on the "Connect" button to save the details.
  7. That's it - ShipStation will now start fetching orders from your Nimbo account every so often. Whenever you mark orders as shipped in ShipStation, they'll also be updated at Nimbo, including any tracking information.