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Customising your site design

The site designer offers a range of popular layouts, colours and font themes for you to choose from - but if the colours or fonts aren't quite right, you can use the custom design tool to set your own site-wide background images, colours, fonts, and even CSS.

Click the "custom options" button to launch the tool, and use the tabs to change between editing backgrounds (colours and images), fonts (typefaces, sizes and colours), and entering your own custom CSS (requires some knowlege of CSS).

Once you click the "Save all changes" button, your changes will be visible on your live site.


  • You can come back to the site designer and make changes at any time
  • If you're removing or resetting colours, images or fonts, click the "Save all changes" button to refresh the design preview
  • If you'd prefer to leave the design up to a professional, check out our Nimbo concierge service