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Editor overview

When you click a page name in the left menu, that page loads in the edit screen. (The left menu will automatically hide on the edit screen, but you can easily bring it back by clicking the toggle tab near the top left of the screen.)

You will see your website page, with the design options you have chosen, taking up most of the screen. Some parts of the page are locked, and you won't be able to select or edit them (such as the header and menu), but other parts you can edit. As soon as you start clicking or tapping in these areas, options will appear.

On the right of the screen is the content block menu. By default, the most commonly used content blocks are displayed. At the top of the menu is a drop down you can use to filter the content blocks, to show just the headings, or just the image blocks, or just the blocks for specific apps, for example. You can also hide or show this menu by clicking its toggle tab.

Along the bottom of the screen is the save bar. Each time you click the save button, a snapshot is created of your page content. The "View page" button will launch the webpage in a new browser tab, showing the most recently saved content as a site visitor would see it.


  • On small screen devices such as mobiles, the content block menu is hidden on the edit screen, but you can still edit the page text to make small corrections on the go.