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Left menu overview

The left menu is the dark blue bar on the left of every page. You'll use this for everything from navigating around the Nimbo interface, to tweaking individual web page settings. You can also hide or show the menu at any time by clicking the toggle tab at the top of the menu.

We've tried to make the control menu as clear and intuitive as possible, so you should be able to find what you're looking for fairly easily, but below is an overview of each of the main sections.


Clicking this will take you to the dashboard, which is the first page you see every time you sign in to Nimbo. Any important notices we need you to see will show up here, along with interesting things like site stats and activity from any apps you have activated. 


All of your website pages are listed under this section. You can do a few things here:


Access settings for all apps in here. All Nimbo apps will be listed, but some may be locked, depending on your subscription level.


The site designer helps you choose your website layout, fonts, and colours. You can make changes here at any time, and your website will instantly update.


This is where you set your site-wide settings, such as logo, default SEO data, social media links, custom header code, and so on.

Help & Support

Search or browse our growing database of help articles for instant answers and step-by-step tutorials, or lodge a support ticket for personalised assistance.


  • No matter where you are in the left menu, you can jump back to the top level at any time just by clicking the Nimbo logo.
  • Click the < (on the left, beneath the logo area) to go back to the previous level