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Site-wide content

These sections allow you to add content that appears at the bottom of all pages in your site, without you having to manually add it to each and every page.

Site-wide page base

The site-wide page base lets you add content that automatically appears immediately below the main page content on every single page of your website - perfect for things like a newsletter subscription form, your contact and location details, lists of services, or even dynamic content blocks like a blog feed or new product arrivals.

Site-wide footer

The site-wide footer page lets you add content that automatically replaces the basic footer links at the top of the footer area of every single page of your website - ideal for extra navigation, such as the popular format of columns of links under headings. Any social links and footer message you've added via the settings page will appear beneath this.

The footer feature is fairly new - if you come across anything that doesn't look quite right please let our support team know.

Add it to your site

  1. In the left menu, go to Pages. At the very bottom of your list of pages, click on "Site-wide content" and choose the option you want to edit.
  2. Add your content below the instructions on the page - that default content will be automatically removed when you save the page, and only the content you add beneath it will be kept.
  3. When you save, your new content will start appearing automatically at the bottom of all pages in your website.


  • You can use both page base and footer content together.