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Form builder app

Use the form builder app to generate leads, distribute surveys, collect feedback, enable registrations, and more. Create and manage unlimited custom forms in any of your editor pages.

The form builder app is available on the Business plan and above.

Add it to your site

  1. Go to edit the page where you want to add a form.
  2. At the top of the content block menu (on the right of the edit screen), choose "App Blocks > Form builder".
  3. Drag the content block to where you want the form to display on your page.
  4. Whenever you hover over (or touch) this content block, you'll see a blue form icon () that appears in the top left of the block. Click this to launch the form builder tool.
  5. You'll see that a basic form has been prepared for you; now all you need to do is add your own fields. Drag fields from the menu bar on the right and drop where you want to insert them, or simply click on the menu bar to insert a field at the bottom of the form. (You can add more, re-order and delete fields at any time.)
  6. Go to the "Form settings" tab to optionally rename the form, and control other options such as where form submissions are sent, button label, thank you message, and so on.
  7. "Save all changes", then close the form builder tool, and save your page to set the form to start showing.

Using a form multiple times

In step 5 above, if you've previously created a form, you'll be presented with the choice of creating a new form, or re-using an existing form instead.

Once you have more than one form, you might find the form manager handy. In the left menu, go to Apps > Form builder, and you'll see a list of all forms used in your website, on which pages, and how many fields in each. The "edit" button will launch the form editor tool, which enables you to manage all aspects of that form. Any changes you make will automatically be applied to your website when you save.


  • You can return to the form builder tool (step 4) at any time, and any changes you make will automatically be applied to your website when you save - you don't have to reinsert the block.
  • You can't remove the "Email" field from your form as a user email address is required for the form to work.
  • For help on choosing the correct types of fields to use, refer to W3C's articles on form elements and input types.