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Setting up email

Keep things looking professional by setting up an email address using the same domain as your website.

Some of our annual plans now come with a free mailbox allowance (see the Email section of the pricing table), but all annual plans have the option of purchasing additional mailboxes at $5/month, paid annually. Capacity of each mailbox is 1GB.

Most of our plans also come with unlimited free email forwarders - these are addresses that forward emails on to an external email address, such as or 

In the near future, we'll be adding a tool to allow you to manage adding email addresses yourself, but for the time being our support staff will set these up for you. Please create a support ticket to request an email address and we'll take care of it for you.

Please note: email can only be added on domains we fully host - this means using Name Server settings rather than A Records at your domain registrar. Talk to us if you're not sure about this; we can help!

What if you're on a monthly plan? You can still have an email address at the same domain as your website - see this article for details.