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Using the site designer

One-step site design 

The "Site design" link in the left menu brings you to a collection of one-step template designs that control the overall appearance of your website. These are design presets: combinations of menu layouts, colour themes and font themes that work well together. Click or tap a design you like, and it's instantly applied to your website - nothing more to do. 

If you like to have a bit more creative control, there are more variations available in the Advanced site designer, where you can overwrite these presets and create your own combination. You can change your mind at any time, without having to rebuild your website.

Advanced site designer 

Your selections in the Advanced site design tool will affect the positioning of the logo and main menu, the colours and fonts used throughout your site, and any extra visual effects you might like to add.

Click a thumbnail image to select that option, and check what your choices will look like in the preview pane just below. You can mix and match any combination of options. Once you're happy with how it's looking, click the "Save changes" button to apply it to your live website.


When you first visit the advanced site design tool, layout options show by default. The circle on each of the thumbnail images indicates logo position, and the dashes show positioning of the main menu.


Our library of colour palettes is growing! You can also use the "Custom options" design tool to easily set your own custom colours and backgrounds.


Our collection of font themes is also growing! In addition to our professionally selected pairings, you can also pick and choose custom fonts for your website using the custom design tool.


The visual effects collection works a little differently to the options above - you can select as many of these as you like, and they will all be applied to your site. Click the thumbnail image of an active visual effect to remove it. To remove all active visual effects, click the first option (None).

The preview pane

The panel below the tabs gives you an indication of what your design selections will look like when applied to your website.

On larger screens, you'll see icons in the top left of the preview pane which let you emulate how the site would look on desktop, tablet or mobile screen sizes. Click the icons to switch between different preview sizes.

Be sure to click the "Save changes" button in the top right of the preview pane to apply your changes to your website.

Customise it

Not quite happy with the preset colour and font options? Try the custom design tool, where you can set your own site-wide background images, colours, fonts, and even CSS.


  • You can come back to the site designer and make changes at any time
  • If you'd prefer to leave the design up to a professional, check out our Nimbo concierge service