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Connecting a domain

To connect your domain to your Nimbo website, simply follow these steps:

First, you need to tell Nimbo what your domain is. So from the dashboard, click 'Connect a domain' in the 'What's next' column, and follow the instructions there to set a domain for your site.

If you have a site and email hosted somewhere already, then please ask your current webhost to update the A-record for your www DNS entry on their hosting server, so as not to disrupt your email.

Otherwise, if you have no current email hosting, then:

  1. Login to your domain registrar
  2. Set your domain's 'nameservers' to the default ones for your registrar.
  3. Find where to add/edit 'DNS entries' for your domain
  4. Add an 'A record' using the following options:
    - A-record Name: www
    - Directs to Host:
  5. Add another 'A record' using the following options:
    - A-record Name: leave it blank or use the @ symbol
    - Directs to Host:

And that's it! Once your domain registrar has made the changes live and they have propagated throughout the internet, the site you have created here at Nimbo will show when you visit your domain in a browser.

Choose from the list below to see how to do it at that registrar