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The background tool

The Nimbo editor features a comprehensive tool that allows you to set and manage a background colour and/or image for each of the content blocks on your pages.

Whenever you hover over (or touch) a content block, you'll see a green camera icon () that appears in the top left of the block. Click this to access the background options for that block.

The background colour tab allows you to set a background colour for the block. Note that if you also set an image, it may completely hide the colour. You can either pick a colour, or enter colour values in hex, rgb, or rgba.

The background image tab accesses your library of uploaded images, and provides an option to upload additional images. When you've selected an image, it's marked with a blue tick.

The background position tab is the most involved, so we've included a preview area to help you decide between the various available settings. Once you've saved your page, it's a good idea to check it in a browser afterwards; try resizing the browser window to make sure you're happy with how it looks at different widths, or have a look on a small screen device.

Bear in mind that the moving image ("parallax") option will display as a still background image in the editor, but will display the full motion effect on scrolling in the live website.

The image search tab searches Unsplash's stock images, giving you easy access to over 1.9 million free high quality photos that you can use anywhere in your website. 


  • Any changes you make in the background tool are automatically applied to your page in the edit screen.
  • Save your page after making changes to see updates in the live website.