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Testimonials app

The testimonials app gives you a flexible way to dynamically feature testimonials throughout your site however suits you best - you can display one at a time, show them all in one column or two, show as a slideshow, and even choose a select few for each instance. The testimonials themselves are all managed from a central location, meaning you only need to make updates once. 

The testimonials app is available on the Business plan and above.

Add it to your site

  1. Go to edit a page where you want to include testimonials.
  2. At the top of the content blocks menu (on the right of the edit screen), choose "App Blocks > Testimonials".
  3. Decide what display format you'd like to use (one at a time, centred, slideshow, left aligned, or in two columns), then drag the content block to where you want the testimonials to display on your page.
  4. Whenever you hover over (or touch) this content block, you'll see a blue testimonials icon () that appears in the top left of the block. Click this to launch the testimonials tool.
  5. Add your testimonials. (You can add more, re-order and delete at any time.)
  6. At this point, you can either close the tool and the testimonials will load in the page, or you can go to the "settings" tab to optionally adjust the display settings, or choose which specific testimonials to show on this particular page.
  7. Save your page to keep the changes you've made.

Showing testimonials on multiple pages

Each time you add a testimonials app content block to a page, you can select which testimonials should be shown there from your "pool" of testimonials. You can choose to display them differently on each page,  in different orders, and they won't affect each other.

Once you have testimonials appearing on more than one page, you might find the Testimonials manager handy. In the control menu, go to Apps > Testimonials, and you'll see a list of all testimonials used in your website. You can edit the entries here directly.


  • You can return to the settings tab (step 6) at any time, and any changes you make will automatically be applied to your website - you don't have to reinsert the block.
  • You can add the same block to as many pages as you like, and each instance can have its own custom settings.
  • You can switch to different layouts for any instance - you don't need to reinsert the block.