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I've signed up - now what?

First things first...

The first page you'll see every time you sign in is the dashboard. Any important notices we need you to see will show up here, along with interesting things like site stats and activity from any apps you have active.

You'll use the dark blue menu on the left of every page for everything from navigating around the Nimbo interface, to tweaking individual web page settings. You can also hide or show the menu at any time by clicking the toggle tab at the top of the menu.

For more info, see the left menu overview article.

Choose a design

Visit the site designer to quickly and easily set the overall appearance of your website. Your selections here will affect the positioning of the logo and main menu, the colours and fonts used throughout your site, and any extra visual effects you might like to add.

You can change your mind at any time, and if you feel that you don't have a creative bone in your body, check out our Nimbo concierge service.

See Using the site designer for more info.

Start building your site

We start you out with three basic pages. The "home" page is the page visitors will see by default when they first come to your site; you can't delete this page, but you can remove all the content and add your own. See Using the editor for instructions on how to do this.

Change your plans

All Nimbo websites start out on our free plan, which comes with a free subdomain you can use to share your progress with colleagues and friends. (You can use the button in the top right corner of most pages to visit your website in a new browser tab.)

When you're ready to make your site live to the world, you'll want to use your own custom domain - you can get one right here, or you can connect a domain you already have.

Once your domain has been connected, your website will automatically start loading under SSL within 24 hours.

That's pretty much it!