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The content block menu

Content blocks are at the core of Nimbo's content manager.

Whenever you go to edit any page, the content block menu is open on the right of the screen. You can hide or show this menu by clicking its toggle tab.

By default, images representing the most commonly used content blocks are displayed. At the top of the menu is a drop down you can use to filter the content blocks, to show just the headings, or just the image blocks, or just the blocks for specific apps, for example.

To use a content block, click (or touch) and drag the image of the block you want across to your page, and you'll see a grey bar appear above or below other content on the page. The grey bar indicates where you can "drop" the block.

Once the block is in place, you can click inside to access two floating toolbars - the block toolbar, which allows you to control the blocks, and the formatting toolbar, which helps you to customise their contents.

Below is a video demonstrating using the content block menu to add content to a page.