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Volume discount

Encourage customers to buy more of any given product by offering a lower unit price for higher quantities.

Features include:

The Volume Discount feature is available on the Advanced plan or as an add-on for the Ecommerce plan.

Add it to your site

  1. Ensure you're on the Advanced plan (or have enabled this add-on for Ecommerce).
  2. In the left menu, go to Apps > Shop > Settings > scroll down to the Product prices section, toggle on the volume discount option and save your changes.
  3. Edit any product and go to the "Pricing" tab.
  4. Under the "Volume Discount" table, add as many rows as required.
  5. Save changes for the discount to be available on that product. Volume discount info will appear for relevant customers according to your settings on the Shop settings page.


  • This volume discount price becomes the new base price; any "plus price" added via stock options will be added to this.
  • Any sale prices on the item will be overridden by the volume discount price.
  • Regardless of what order you add the discounts, they'll always be ordered by qty (lowest to highest).