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Spend X Get Y

The "Spend X Get Y" promo tool allows you to offer tiered rewards to customers based on how much they're spending in a single order.

Features include:

The Spend X Get Y promo tool is available on the Advanced plan.

Add it to your site

  1. Ensure you're on the Advanced plan.
  2. Promotional items need to be products in your shop. If you don't want them to be available as normal items that are displayed along with your other products, set the item to be a "Secret product".
  3. In the control menu, go to Apps  >  Shop  >  Promos  >  Spend X get Y  >  Add a promo and follow the steps, filling in all the relevant fields. 
  4. The promo offer will now be available to eligible customers between the start and end date you've set. 

How it works for customers

  1. A customer's order becomes eligible for a promo when:
    • the cart value is at or above the minimum spend amount (or for offers that are limited to specific categories and/or products, that spending requirement has been met), and 
    • for offers that require a promo code, the code has also been entered, and
    • the customer is allowed to use the promo (ie. not restricted to another member group), and 
    • the promo offer contains items the customer is allowed to buy (ie. not restricted to another member group).
  2. Only items that are in stock will be offered as part of the promo. 
  3. Each time a customer updates their cart, the system will check their eligibility against all available promos. They'll be offered the promo with the highest minimum spend, unless that offer is already in the cart.
  4. For "Choose one product" type promos:
    • the customer can choose to keep a promo item from a lower value promo rather than selecting a new item; and 
    • if their cart value falls below the minimum spend required for a promo, any items from that offer are automatically removed from their cart. 
  5. For "Get all products" type promos, customers carts are updated automatically to include (or remove) promo items with no action required on their part. 
  6. Customers can remove any promo items from their cart if they wish. 
  7. Stock levels of the claimed promo products will be updated on successful completion of the order.


  • If you're only offering a single product as a reward, use the "Get all products" promo type for the most seamless customer experience.
  • To disable a promo, simply set both the start and end dates to be in the past, or the future.