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Product filters sidebar

For categories with a lot of products, offering a way to filter items can help your customers more easily find exactly what they're looking for, and bring them that much closer to buying.  

Features include:

The product filters feature is available on the Advanced plan or as an add-on for the Ecommerce plan.

Add it to your site

  1. Ensure you're on the Advanced plan (or have enabled this add-on for Ecommerce).
  2. In the Manage products section of the shop app, scroll down to the automatic "Filters" category and to begin with, ensure it's offline.
  3. Filters are set up and managed as subcategories grouped under this special "Filter" category. To start using it, first you'll need to add a filter group:
    • At the bottom of the Manage products page under the "Add a category" heading, choose "Filters" for parent category.
    • Enter the name of your filter group (eg. Colours) as the category name, then click Next.
    • In the Edit category window that appears, only the first 3 fields (parent, name and display status) will be used by the site - you can ignore the rest. 
  4. Then add your filters:
    • Under the "Add a category" heading, choose the filter group you set up in the previous step (eg. Filters > Colours)
    • Enter the name of your first filter (eg. Red) as the category name > Next > toggle on "Show on site" > Save changes > close the window.
    • Repeat this process to add all the filters under this particular group. 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add as many groups of filters as you need. 
  6. Once you've finished setting up your filters, it's time to edit your products. Under the Categories tab, tick each filter appropriate for that product, then save changes. 
  7. When you're ready for the product listing pages to start showing the filters, return to the Manage products page and toggle the Filters category to Live.
  8. Now whenever a customer visits a page with products that have assigned filters, the filter sidebar will automatically show up on the page. Only filters with at least one product to show will be displayed. 


  • Even though you manage Filters like categories, they won't be displayed alongside your other categories anywhere, either in your shop menu or on shop pages, so on the Manage Products page you can move Filters to wherever is convenient for you. 
  • Filters won't appear on automatic shop category pages such as New arrivals, Best sellers, or Sale.