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We've just added a flexible new payment method you can add to your online store to offer your customers the option to pay by phone, or cash on delivery, or maybe even trade in chickens! Choose "Offline" when adding payment method, and add your own flavour from there.

21 Sep 20

Nimbo is now Google Tag Manager compatible using dataLayer, enabling you to connect with Google Analytics and take advantage of enhanced ecommerce functionality. Talk to your marketing agent about integration. Use Google Tag Manager with Nimbo

17 Sep 20

"Landing pages" are great for encouraging visitors to complete one specific action, without all the usual distractions of menus and other links. Now you can take advantage of the marketing power of landing pages by converting any of your website pages into a landing page with one click. Find the new setting under Page Options (green cog icon).

14 Sep 20

Shop app update: get some insight into customer behaviour in your checkout by keeping an eye on the new "Unfinished orders" page. Check out the help article for more info.

09 Sep 20

Ecommerce members: have you been eyeing off some of the great features being released on the Advanced plan? Now our new add-ons section will let you have them too! The first add-on available is the recently released Volume Discount tool, with more to come in the near future. Check them out under Apps > Add-ons. 

31 Aug 20

Does your logo look perfect on your website, but doesn't look quite right in the emails sent by your site? We have a fix: you now have the option to upload an alternative logo just for use in emails! Find the upload area on the settings page.

27 Aug 20

Advanced shop app update: volume discounts are here! Encourage customers to buy more of any given product by offering a lower unit price for higher quantities. See the demo site for an example, and check out the help article for more info.

18 Aug 20

Volume discounts are coming to the Advanced shop app very soon! This feature will let you instantly reward customers for buying higher quantities of any given item, and even tailor the discounts to individual membership groups. Stay tuned for the release!

07 Aug 20

Advanced shop app update: you can now organise your product descriptions into tabbed sections, making it easier for your customers to find the info they're looking for - think ingredients, benefits, directions... See an example here, and find the "Extra description sections" beneath the main description field in the Edit Product panel.

27 Jul 20

Would you like your website's full header (including logo) to stay visible at the top of the screen, even when you scroll down the page? Sticky headers are now available for all layouts with horizontal menus. To activate yours, go to Site design > Custom options > Extras tab.

23 Jul 20

Shop app update: Add a little extra marketing power to your product pages with product subtitles - you can now add one to any of your products as a prominent label saying something like "best seller" or "all Australian ingredients" or even "coming soon!". Find the product subtitle field on the "Basics" tab of the Edit Product panel.

20 Jul 20

Talks are officially underway about developing the ability to connect your Nimbo website with popular accounting packages such as MYOB and Xero, bringing automatic invoice creation and more (saving you from doing it all manually) - watch this space for updates!

13 Jul 20

We've made further refinements to how your website's SEO data is built for all pages in your site. These updates will help improve your site's SEO score and increase page relevance in search results, which in turn leads to better ranking and more visitors. Winning!

03 Jul 20

We've just made it easier for you to keep an eye on your SEO status with a new panel on the dashboard that shows your score at a glance, with quick access through to the full report. Websites on the Business plan and above will start seeing this automatically. Manage your SEO with Nimbo website builder

29 Jun 20

We've teamed up with the creative folks at Unsplash to give you easy access to over 1.9 million free high quality photos, without even leaving your Nimbo account. Check out the new "image search" tab available in your image library, and in the background tool.Access high quality free stock photos from inside your Nimbo website builder account

26 Jun 20

Do you use Instagram? We've just created a series of content blocks that let you add an automatic image feed from your Insta account anywhere you like on your website pages. Find them in the content blocks menu under "Blocks containing... > Social". Add your Instagram feed to your website with Nimbo website builder

19 Jun 20

Membership app update: you can now choose whether the links for members-only pages appear in the site menu for everyone, or only for logged in members. Find the new setting in the Permissions section under Page Options (green cog icon). 

15 Jun 20

We've just added a new feature which lets you add content that automatically appears below the main page content on every single page of your website - perfect for things like a newsletter subscription form, your contact and location details, lists of services, or even dynamic content blocks like a blog feed or new product arrivals. Access it via the link at the bottom of the Pages menu.

12 Jun 20

Shop app update: to help reveal which of your marketing efforts are paying off, you can now ask your customers how they discovered you. To enable it for your site, turn on the "Where did you hear about us?" option on the shop settings page. 

05 Jun 20

Shop app update: want to offer particular areas a special delivery rate? Now you can, with the new "Charge by postcode" shipping method. You can also refine fees even further by specifying weight ranges, giving you enormous flexibility in charging shipping. 

01 Jun 20

Sendle is now available as a shipping method for Nimbo online shops, enabling the checkout to show shipping fees directly from your Sendle account. Choose "Sendle" when setting up a shipping method.Use Sendle as a shipping method for your online store

29 May 20

After months of development, we're excited to be officially launching our Advanced plan - offering a suite of sophisticated selling tools and features to get you ahead of the ecommerce game, with even more features planned for the near future. Learn more.

25 May 20

Advanced shop app update:  you can now set a specific image per stock variation. As soon as a customer selects the variation they want from the drop down options, the main product image is swapped to show the matching image. Try it out with this product in the demo.

22 May 20

Advanced shop app update: We've added the option to turn your product images into a slider - use the arrows (or swipe on touch screens) to view the next image, or jump to a specific picture using the thumbnail images. Check it out in the demo.

19 May 20 is now available as a payment method for all Nimbo online stores - gives your customers a way to pay instalments at a rate that matches their finances. 

12 May 20

Advanced shop app update: Got some products that work well together? Now you'll be able to show related products, with the recommended items appearing towards the bottom of the product details page. See it working in the demo.

30 Apr 20

Advanced shop app update: Don't lose sales when your inventory runs out - our new "back in stock" feature makes it easy for customers to sign up for an alert email and complete their purchase when you've re-stocked. Check it out in the demo.

21 Apr 20

Advanced shop app update: the product review system is complete! You'll be able to leverage the power of customer reviews to help increase your conversion rates, and strengthen your search engine results. Until the advanced plan is released, you can check it out in our fully functional demo.

14 Apr 20

Advanced shop app update: our development team is currently working on a feature enabling your customers to rate and write reviews on your products, helping new shoppers decide to buy. Stay tuned... 

08 Apr 20

Shop app update: we've just upgraded the checkout to help reduce customers' address typos - addresses within Australia will now ask for postcode first, then their suburb and state will be automatically filled. No more hunting for proper delivery details! 

23 Mar 20

Email delivery can sometimes be a little unreliable, so we've added a new Email History app which gives you access to the complete record of all emails sent via your website. This tool is available to all plan levels; find it under the Apps menu.

13 Mar 20

Advanced shop app update: with the membership app now fully integrated into the Advanced shop app, not only can you offer custom pricing to certain member groups (hello wholesale!), but also you can manage which groups can even see specific items. Just a few more features to be built before the Advanced plan level is ready to be released!

09 Mar 20

Advanced shop app update: want to offer special pricing to certain member groups? We're currently busy making this possible - watch this space...

05 Mar 20

Some unusual bot activity started around the 14th of Feb which nearly doubled many websites' traffic stats for the following 10 days. We've now refined how Nimbo collects visitor info so these kinds of bots get filtered out of the stats, giving you a more accurate picture of traffic from real human visitors, and legitimate search engine bots (the friendly kind).

25 Feb 20

Membership app update: your customers can now choose to easily save their details and become a member during the checkout process. Enable this option on the Membership app settings page.

11 Feb 20

After months of development, we're excited to be launching our Membership app today! Membership brings you the ability to keep some site content or blog posts just for members, or offer your repeat customers super-quick checkout and order history. Check out the help article for more info.

04 Feb 20

Email hosting is here! Great for those who like to keep things simple, with your website and email all in the same place. Some of our annual plans now come with a free mailbox allowance, and all annual plans have the option of purchasing additional mailboxes. See the help article for more details. 

28 Jan 20

Better, faster, stronger! The recent upgrade to newer, more powerful servers means not only will you be editing and managing your site in less time within the Nimbo system, but also your own website will load more quickly for your site visitors. (Bonus: faster load times also helps with SEO)

13 Jan 20

Editor update: from today onwards, any images you upload via the blue camera icon will now be shown in your website's image library, making it easy to re-use the image on other content management system

19 Nov 19

Shop app update: you can now automatically graphically display all of your top level categories on any page with the new shop content block - ideal for leading customers directly into your shop straight from the home page. Find it in the content blocks menu under "App blocks > Shop".

08 Nov 19

Work has officially started on the membership app - this will include an array of membership features for sites on the business plan and above. Stay tuned for updates!

17 Oct 19

Advanced shop app update: Gift cards are ready! Your customers will be able to set the value, enter a personalised message, decide how to send it, buy multiple separate gift cards in one transaction, and even buy them alongside physical items. For the lucky recipient, spending is as simple as entering a unique code in your checkout. Brilliant! Gift Cards now available on Nimbo online shops

10 Oct 19

Advanced shop app update: Digital gift cards are coming! Watch this space for updates.

27 Sep 19

Advanced shop app update: If you sell items that have more than 2 options, you'll love the new custom options feature; this brings the ability to add unlimited options to your products, along with any additional price or weight adjustments.

18 Sep 19

Demand has been on the rise for the Advanced ecommerce plan recently, so for the near future, our development team will be focussing on building features for the plan's release. Watch this space for new feature announcements as they're completed!

09 Sep 19

For all shop owners: your order stats page has just had a significant overhaul, now featuring charts for at-a-glance comparison across your months in recent years, and the ability to drill down to day level data. Check it out under the report section of the Shop app. order stats page chart

30 Aug 19

Help just got a little easier to come by, with instant access to the support ticket system now just a click away on every screen. Easy access to help and support on Nimbo Australian website builder

20 Aug 19

Five new tests have just been added to our automated SEO adviser, including checking whether you've correctly connected Google Analytics to your website. The SEO adviser tool is available for Business and Ecommerce plans; find it under the SEO section of the Apps menu.

09 Aug 19

We've just launched another new site design template - go to Site Design to try it out for yourself. Australian free website builder colour theme

02 Aug 19

Our SEO adviser tool is here! This initial release brings over 30 automatic sitewide checks with helpful info and suggestions, with more tests and features to be added in the near future. Available for Business and Ecommerce plans; find it under the SEO section of the Apps menu.

12 Jul 19

A collection of new content blocks has just been added, including new full screen and full page width blocks for high impact image-based modern page layouts.
Australian free website builder new content blocks

28 Jun 19

SEO Adviser is coming! We're working on a tool that will make keeping on top of your SEO a breeze, with comprehensive automatic sitewide checks, and actionable reports. Watch this space!

21 Jun 19

Get online for just $7/month with our new "Connect" plan, for those of you who just need a simple website. The annual option also includes a free domain!

05 Jun 19

Our new SEO app is a real time saver, bringing the ability to manage the SEO fields for every page, blog post, shop category and product in your site into one convenient location. Available for Business and Ecommerce plans; find it under the Apps menu.

21 May 19

Good news for those managing multiple websites in the one account! Nimbo will now remember which website you were working on last, and automagically return you to the manage area for that same site the next time you log in - even if you change devices. No need to remember to switch from the default site anymore

13 May 19

Leverage the power of customer testimonials with our new testimonials app. Now you can dynamically feature testimonials throughout your site however suits you best - you can display one at a time, show them all in one column or two, and even choose a select few for each instance. See the help article for demo video and details.

30 Apr 19

We've just added another site design template to our growing collection - go to Site Design to try it out for yourself.  Australian free website builder colour theme

18 Apr 19

Changing the look of your website has never been simpler than with our new one-step site designer. With a single click (or tap), you can instantly update the layout, colours, and fonts used throughout your website. Check it out in your account today.

08 Apr 19

We've just made your website faster! All of the JPG and PNG images you've added to your website will now be served in webP format to browsers that support it. This can reduce the size of your images significantly, and speed up your page load times. (You can turn this off in your website settings if the results are not to your liking.)

02 Apr 19

Nimbo websites with SSL are HSTS ready - take full advantage of the improved security and search engine ranking that this offers by following these steps.

25 Mar 19

We've made some tweaks to improve the SEO score of your website: URLs will no longer have end slashes (helps reduce pages being seen as "duplicate content" by search engines); and the canonical tag has been added to all pages (another way of avoiding problems caused by seemingly identical or "duplicate" content). All happening automagically - nothing you need to do!

20 Mar 19

Shop app update: your Nimbo shop can now handle virtual products (like event tickets, classes, workshops, etc) that don't require any shipping. For more info, talk to us.

11 Mar 19

Shop app update: need to collect a little extra info from your customers? You now have the option of showing a comments field in the checkout - activate it on the shop app settings page.

22 Feb 19

The popular "parallax" effect is now available for your content backgrounds - this makes the background image of your content scroll at a different speed to the rest of the page, giving an appearance of depth. To use it, choose "Moving image (Parallax)" as the background type on the background position tab.

18 Feb 19

Shop app update: you can now increase your chances of capturing lost sales by switching on the new "abandoned cart" email function in your shop settings. (Most people plan to come back to complete their purchase, so a timely email reminder helps to make that happen.)

12 Feb 19

We've added a couple of new content blocks which let you insert content beside a slideshow. Find these in the content block menu under App Blocks > Slideshow.

04 Feb 19

Want to link one of your menu items to download a file, or a different page in your site, or another website altogether? Now you can with the "Redirect link" function. Find it under the settings section for each page.

24 Jan 19

Advanced shop app update: we've added an optional automated suggestive selling tool, which automatically list products that past customers bought along with the item they're viewing. Great for automatically pairing items that frequently sell together.

16 Jan 19

Advanced shop app update: created a "clone product" function - this duplicates all aspects of a product (images, description, categories, stock, pricing...) and will save you a LOT of time if you have multiple similar products!

08 Jan 19

It's Christmas! The development team is taking a couple of weeks off, but a skeleton support crew will still be available via the Help & Support section. Happy and safe holidays to you all, from all of us at Nimbo HQ

24 Dec 18

Advanced shop app update: added the option for customers to be able to open larger versions of product images to see details right up close.

21 Dec 18

Looking for a few extra features in your online shop? The Nimbo development team is working on an Advanced Ecommerce plan that will include pretty much everything you need, including customer features such as enlarging product images, ratings and reviews, gift cards and wish lists, and admin functions including suggestive selling, cloning products, advanced promo offers, and much more. Watch this space for updates!

14 Dec 18

Shop app update: to make for a clearer, smoother shopping experience, when customers select an option with a price variation, the main displayed price will change to match it.

07 Dec 18

Shop app update: E-Go is now available as a shipping method for Nimbo online shops. Choose "E-Go" when setting up a shipping method.

04 Dec 18

Slideshows can now feature headings, text and button links, with your image in the background. To use this, choose the "Banner with text slideshow" slideshow style option under the settings tab for your slideshow.

21 Aug 18

You've already set your social page links in your site settings, and the icons show in your website's footer - now you can also drop them into your page content. Choose the "visit" option in the content blocks menu under "Blocks containing... > Social".

17 Aug 18

You can now drop sharing icons on any page in your website - find it in the content blocks menu under "Blocks containing... > Social".

14 Aug 18

Want to automatically show a feed of your latest blog posts on the home page? You can now choose from 4 different layouts - check out the Knowledgebase article for more info.

09 Aug 18

BPay is now available as a payment method for Nimbo online shops. Choose "BPay" when setting up a payment method.
Accept BPAY on your website

30 Jul 18

Would you like your website's menu to stay visible at the top of the screen, even when you scroll down the page? Sticky menus are now available for all layouts with horizontal menus. To activate yours, go to Site design > Custom options > Extras tab.

27 Jul 18

Shop listing pages can now be limited to display at the same width as your normal site content on wider screens. To do this, go the shop settings page and toggle the "Use full screen width..." option.

24 Jul 18

You can now integrate your Stripe account with the Nimbo shop app to offer your customers secure payment via credit card. To use it, just choose "Stripe" when setting up a payment method.
Add Stripe credit card to my site

20 Jul 18

Want to offer your customers a way to buy now, but pay later? ZipPay does just that, and you can now integrate your ZipPay account with the shop app. Just choose this option when adding a payment method. Accept zipPay on my website

12 Jul 18

Shop app update: Having complete control over product ordering is nice, but when you have a lot of products, automation is even nicer! You can now choose to have your shop products ordered automatically by name, price, or date added. Find these options in your shop settings.

06 Jul 18

We've officially released the colour and font themes used in the demo - they work well together, but as always you can mix and match colours, fonts and layouts to suit your own requirements. Australian free website builder colour theme

05 Jul 18

The Nimbo online shop app now supports the Eway payment gateway - just choose the "Eway" option when adding a payment method.
Accept credit card with eWAy on my website

03 Jul 18

Want to experiment with design options without affecting your own site? Wondering about other apps, or curious about the higher level plans? Now you can try it all out with our fully functional demo - visit to start playing.
try website builder for free

29 Jun 18

SecurePay is now available for you to add as an online shop payment method. More payment methods coming soon!
Accept credit card with SecurePay on Nimbo

26 Jun 18

Another new colour theme is now available in the site designer. Works with any layout and font combination. To try it out, go to Site design > Colours tab. Australian free website builder colour theme

15 Jun 18

A new colour theme is now available in our site designer. Works with any layout and font combination. To try it out, go to Site design > Colours tab. Free website builder theme

05 Jun 18

As an additional security measure, you can now view your past log ins under My account > My login history. If you were logged in to your account at the time of this update, the next time you log out and sign back in, your activity will show up here.

28 May 18

Wondering how much traffic your site is actually getting? We've added a Quick Stats panel to your dashboard that clearly charts page views over the past 30 days. Stay tuned for more detailed stats in the future.

24 May 18

Do you sell items that people frequently buy in multiples? In your shop settings, you can now choose to show a quantity field on your product details page (as well as on the cart page).

16 May 18

System update: you'll now find your account settings and log out function under "My Account" in the control menu. We'll be adding more options to this area over time.

15 May 18

The new auto-redirect tool is now live, and working like a charm. Go ahead and change any URL in your site without fear of losing traffic - that goes for regular pages, blog posts, shop products and categories.

11 May 18

A new colour theme is available. Works best with layouts where the menu is below the logo. To try it out, go to Site design > Colours tab. Australian free website builder colour theme

07 May 18

We're busy working on a new system feature that will let you rename or reorganise your website without losing out on traffic - old outdated links will automagically send you to the right place, whether it's a page, a product, or a post.

03 May 18

Want to show your new product arrivals on the home page? Or insert a row of products from another category on a blog post, or any other page? Well now you can - just drag and drop shop content blocks to show products on any page of your site. Pretty cool

19 Apr 18

The shop app's promotional discount tool is ready - you can now offer your customers $ or % discounts off their cart total, as well as limit which products it applies to, and set a minimum spend before the discount can be used.

13 Apr 18

The next installation in our collection of colour themes is ready - to try it out, go to Site design > Colours tab. Australian free website builder colour theme

10 Apr 18

A promo discount tool for the shop app is underway; as of next week, you'll be able to offer your customers $ or % discounts off their cart total, as well as limit which products it applies to.

06 Apr 18

Upgrading from a Shopify website? You can now import your shop's product info and images straight into Nimbo - talk to us for details. Import tools for other shop formats coming soon.

29 Mar 18

Presenting the first in a series of professionally crafted colour themes expanding from the basic foundational colours - great if you don't have the time or confidence for setting your own colours. Australian free website builder colour theme

23 Mar 18

The Contact app is now using Google's invisible reCAPTCHA to protect you against spam and other types of automated abuse. We will also extend this to our form builder app soon.

20 Mar 18

We're excited to announce that the page editor has just received a major update, bringing much requested new features like the ability to insert individual images without dropping a content block first, and also the long-awaited table functionality.

16 Mar 18

The drag and drop form builder is now ready for you - quickly and simply build yourself forms to generate leads, distribute surveys, collect feedback, enable registrations, or whatever you need. Available on the business and ecommerce plans.

09 Mar 18

We're busy putting the finishing touches on a drag and drop form builder app - you'll be able to create great looking and easy to use custom forms for your website. Stay tuned for the app launch this week!

05 Mar 18

The site design tool has just been superpowered - only your imagination is the limit, as now you can set your own site-wide background images, colours, fonts, and even CSS with our custom design tool. Try it out and let us know what you think!

23 Feb 18

Our feature-rich blog app is now live, and available on the starter, business and ecommerce plans. Check out the Knowledgebase article for more info.

16 Feb 18

Our drag and drop blog app is just about ready to go! Schedule your posts, add tags, and take advantage of the spam-free Disqus commenting platform to engage your readers. Stay tuned for the launch!

09 Feb 18

Shop app update: Order management is now complete, and with that, we're officially opening the shop app for public testing. Please get in touch if you're interested in free early access!

22 Jan 18

Shop app update: we've added a stock checking function that will help prevent customers from buying items that have become sold out while they're browsing your site.

18 Jan 18

We're taking a brief breather to enjoy the holidays, then will be back on track mid-Jan to get those last few pieces of the shop into place. Happy holiday season!

15 Dec 17

Shop app update: Payment methods have been integrated, allowing you to start selling online straight away with PayPal Express or bank transfers. Other credit card payment gateways (SecurePay, Eway, Stripe) will be added in the future.

13 Dec 17

Shop app update: You'll be able to mix and match unlimited shipping methods, including flat rate shipping, click and collect, and automatic integration with Australia Post.

27 Nov 17

Shop app update: We're excited to announce we have crafted a super user-friendly one page checkout! Quick, easy and inviting, which translates to more completed sales

23 Nov 17

Shop app update: The shop features a persistent cart - this means that people can take as long as they need to place their order - days, or weeks even!

13 Nov 17

Shop app update: Pages throughout the shop now use JSON-LD, which helps search engines display specific info about pages or products (eg. product name, price, stock status, etc) to make you stand out in search results.

09 Nov 17

Shop app update: The product details page is looking good! Nice big images (as many as you like), social sharing, and a quick and easy "add to cart" section.

31 Oct 17

Shop app update: Got a lot of products? The search app now works together with the shop - so customers can quickly see results from within your shop, or site pages.

23 Oct 17

Shop app update: As with all of Nimbo's apps, the shop is totally responsive, and finger friendly - which means your customers will enjoy a smooth, easy, comfortable shopping experience, regardless of whether they use their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

18 Oct 17

Shop app update: Display your shop categories in the main menu, or tidily tuck them away in a drop down menu - whatever suits you.

09 Oct 17

Shop app update: Be as organised as you like with unlimited shop categories; products can also be assigned to multiple categories to help shoppers can find exactly what they're looking for.

03 Oct 17

The shop app is a big project, so over the coming weeks we'll be bringing you little highlights about the features we're working on to make things as easy as possible for you and your customers.

25 Sep 17

And we are live! Now we'll get busy on the blog and shop apps to enable the advanced plans!

19 Sep 17

We've been industriously working away behind the scenes, and plans are now afoot to fully launch Nimbo to the public in the next weeks! We're stocking up on champagne here at Nimbo HQ

25 Aug 17

We've completed the slideshow app, so it's now available for you to use in your site. See the help article for demo and details.

15 Aug 17

Work has begun on the slideshow app - watch this space for updates!

04 Aug 17

We've completed the gallery app, so it's now available for you to use in your site. See the help article for demo and details.

24 Jul 17

Due to popular demand, we've made developing the gallery app a priority - so this is currently underway and will be launching soon.

10 Jul 17

Welcome to the Nimbo beta release. We look forward to your feedback!

27 Jun 17

We're getting things ready for the Nimbo beta test...

26 Jun 17

Added this new system to keep track of updates made in Nimbo's life cycle.

24 Jun 17

Pages within Nimbo will now load faster thanks to Browser pushState. Browser back and forward buttons will now work across all pages.

24 Jun 17